Earth Week

Earth Week

April 22-26


Earth Day, Birthday

Tiny Planet Series



Earth Day Song

Sung to “Mulberry Bush”

This is the way we clean up trash,

Clean up trash, Clean up trash.

This is the way we clean up trash,

To help our Mother Earth

(Recycle cans…; Compost scraps…; Plant a tree…; etc.)

“Thrift Shop” by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis

Just listen to this by yourself because it’s awesome.  Not for the kiddies.


  • Vocabulary words including earth, reduce, reuse, recycle, thrift shop, litter, landfill, etc.
  • Tell what happened in the story and favorite part of the story
  • Alphabet Garden
  • Go for a nature walk and call attention to specific things you see.  When you get home, have your child draw a picture about what they saw on the walk.  Ask them to tell you about it and as they talk, write what they say.



  • Patterns- Cut circles out of thin cardboard and paint.  Allow to dry then work with your child to create patterns.  (You may want to also create a pattern grid with the cardboard.  Early learners will benefit from having a template.)
  • Counting/1:1-  Using a craft knife, slice a tp roll into circles and paint.  Glue Earth pictures or photos from a field trip/experience onto the back using hot glue.  Put a magnet on the back of the picture.  Have the child count the circles while moving them from one designated space to another on the fridge.  (You can just tape off circles or squares.)


Fine Motor/Writing

  • letter writing E is for Earth- put a little paint (blue and green) into a ziplock and have the child write E and e with their finger.
  • Scissor Skills- Give your child a pieces of blue and green paper (reuse what you have if you can).  Have your child use their scissors to cut the paper into tiny pieces.  SUPERVISE CONSTANTLY.  Glue the pieces onto a paper plate to make an Earth.
  • Create beads by cutting strips of used paper or magazine pages.  Paint with glue and roll- make sure you leave a hole through the center.  Wait for them to dry then your child can string them into necklaces.



  • Create a fairy garden by reusing a planter, pot, or coffee can.  Use other recycled materials for a house, gate, stepping stones, etc.  Then, plant a few small plants around the house.
  • Water Play- provide an aquarium net and work on cleaning the ‘trash’ out of the water.  Use small pieces of aluminum foil, cardboard, beads, etc for trash.
  • Melted crayon candle:



Arts and Crafts

Recycled Book Box

Use a cardboard box that picture books will fit into- a cereal box may be too small.  Seal the box up then cut the top off at an angle (like a magazine file).  Paint and decorate the box with your child.  Fill with your child’s favorite books.  The book box can be used next to their bed or in the car.


TP Roll Binoculars

Glue two tp rolls together to make binoculars.  Have your child paint and decorate them.  Punch holes and attach a string.


Milk Jug Sun Catchers

Cut out star shapes from the sides of milk jugs and have your child color them with permanent markers.  Punch a hole and hang in front of a window.


Recycle and Paint




Field Trips/Experiences

Local Produce Market- Explore what local produce is available and talk about how buying locally will reduce your carbon footprint


Park Cleanup- WEAR GLOVES AND BRING HAND SANITIZER!  Go to the park and clean up trash.  Recycle paper, plastic, and metal cans.  Put the rest into the garbage can.


Thrift Shop-  Take a trip to the thrift shop and refashion something with the kids this week.  A pillowcase dress, a sheet or towel into a superhero cape, an old frame into a jewelry organizer… just go with what you can find.


Other Resources



April 15-19


  1. Birds by Kevin Henkes
  2. Wild Birds by Joanne Ryder
  3. Baby Birds First Nest by Frank Asch
  4. South by Patrick McDonnell
  5. Sophie’s Window by Holly Keller
  6. Tico and the Golden Wings by Leo Lionni


Five Little Owls

Five little owls on a moonlit night
Five little owls are quite a sight.
Five little owls Are you keeping score?
One flew away! And then there were Four.
Four little owls happy as can be,
One flew away then there were Three.
Three little owls calling Who, Who
One flew away and that left two.
Two little owls having lots of fun.
One flew away and that left One.
One little owl we are almost done
He flew away and that leaves none

The Little Ducklings

All the little ducklings

Line up in a row

Quack, quack, quack

And away they go.

They follow their mother

Waddling to and fro

Quack, quack, quack

And away they go.

Down to the big pond

Happy as can be

Quack, quack, quack

And away they go

They jump in the water

And bob up and down

Quack, quack, quack,

They swim all around.

All the little ducklings

Swimming far away.

Quack, quack, quack

They’ll play another day.

Bird Printables and Additional Bird Resources:


  • Vocabulary words including wing, bird, worm, nest, hatch, feeder etc
  • Tell what happened in the story and favorite part of the story


  • Counting the leaves on branches (printables)
  • 1:1 counting plastic eggs and put them in bird’s nest (use a basket)

Fine Motor/Writing

  • letter tracing sheet B is for Bird
  • playdough sheets (B is for bird from Carisa’s pack)
  • bird to the birdhouse tracing sheets (from Carisa’s pack)
  • Hungry Birds Activity

Love love, this fine motor: bird eating worms  - use a clothes pin to pick up pipe cleaners  ***Jolena really had fun with this one.  We didn't stripe the "worms"  I can see how it does help fine motor skills as well as encouraging creative problem solving for those hard to get worms. :)

Materials: green/brown pipe cleaner, clothes pins

Have you child pick up the ‘worms’ using their ‘beaks’!!!


  • take a nature walk and look for birds in your neighborhood and yard
  • Read this online book together about the life-cycle of a duck
  • check out an ornithology book from the library and look at different species of birds with your child
  • Place a bird feeder close to a window and watch what kinds of birds come.  Identify the birds you see in the ornithology book and keep a tally using a sticker chart.
  • Bird Seed Sensory Bucket

Spring Sensory bin with bird seed, birds nests, birds, worms, clothespins as birds beaks, tweezers, mini plastic eggs, pom poms, etc.

Materials:  paper bags (roll down to make bird’s nests), fake birds, birdseed, fake insects, egg carton, plastic eggs, kid tweezers, pom poms, clothes pins etc


Peacock Craft

Peacock plate - maybe a need someday

Materials: coffee filter, water color paints, construction paper, googly eyes

Robin Footprint Paintings (*babies)

B    Bird:  Robin footprint craft!  For those with 'little ones"

Materials: construction paper, brown/red paint, orange marker

Paint with feathers

Materials: paint, construction paper, feathers

Bird Paper Plates

Like this for preschool/young kids! Do you love the children's books by Don and Audrey Wood? Juggling With Kids made paper plate birds that were inspired by the book "Birdsong". Check out the other 20+ bloggers that also linked up great activities from other books by Woods. You won't be disappointed! #Jugglingwithkids #paperplate #birds #craft #donandaudreywoods #books

Materials: paper plate, curling ribbon, construction paper, tissue paper, glue, stapler

On the Farm

On The Farm

April 8-12

Letter Mm:

  • Mm words:
  • Mm writing


    1. Mrs. Wishy-Washy by Joy Cowly*
    2. Mrs. Wishy-Washy’s Farm by Joy Cowly
    3. Big Red Barn by Margaret Wise Brown*
    4. Click Clack Moo by Doreen Cronn
    5. Big Fat Hen by Keith Baker
    6. How Big Is A Pig? by Claire Beaton
    7. Lulu The Big Little Chick by Paulette Bogan
    8. The Grumpy Morning by Pamela Duncan Edwards
    9. One Little Chicken by David Elliot
    10. Does A Cow Say Boo? by Judy Hindley
    11. Barn Dance by Pat Hutchins
    12. Baby Says Moo by JoAnn Early Macken
    13. Grunt by John Richardson
    14. Wee Little Chick by Lauren Thompson
    15. Sally Goes to the Farm by Stephen Huneck

*used in the curriculum


Mrs. Wishy Washy:  Read the story, then act it out using flannel/magnet board pieces.  These pieces can be printed out (just google it) or drawn.


Five Little Ducks:  Go here for a cute printable for the fridge with all of the lyrics and a graphic.


Ten Little Piglets sung to the tune of “Ten Little Indians”


One little, two little, three little piglets,
Four little, five little, six little piglets,
Seven little, eight little, nine little piglets,
Ten are in the mud.


All are pink with pudgy noses,
They don’t smell a bit like roses,
Curly tails that look like hoses.
Rolling in the mud.


Ten little, nine little, eight little piglets,
Seven little, six little, five little piglets,
Four little, three little, two little piglets.
One is in the mud.





Introduce theme:

  1. Read a book about farm animals.
  2. What animals live on the farm?
  3. What are the names of the animal babies?  (Cow-calf)



Muddy Pig (Mrs. Wishy-Washy)

Show this Mrs. Wishy-Washy video if you can’t find the book.  It’s out of print.

Materials:  pink cardstock pig, small piece of sponge, brown paint, shaving cream

  1. cut a pig from cardstock
  2. mix shaving cream with a little brown paint to create mud paint
  3. have your child make the pig muddy by sponging and using the fingers to smear the mud paint onto it


Farm Animal Patterns

Go here:  to print a set of pattern cards.  If the patterns are too difficult, just print multiples of the individual animals and make your own.



Peek-A-Boo Barn (Big Red Barn by Margaret Wise Brown)

Materials:  white cardstock, red paint, other color construction paper, scissors, glue stick, printouts of farm animals, crayons/markers/colored pencils

  1. Cut a barn out of the white cardstock
  2. Have your child paint it red- wait for it to dry
  3. Cut several flap doors and windows into the barn (use a craft knife)- do not cut them off completely.  This way your child can open and close them for the peek-a-boo effect.
  4. Place the barn onto another piece of construction paper and carefully trace where each door and window is located.
  5. Have your child glue pictures of farm animals that they have colored onto the traced spaces.
  6. Glue the barn onto the other paper.
  7. Write the animal name on the inside of each door and window.


Farm Sensory Bucket

Materials:  popcorn kernels, farm animal/baby farm animal toob, silohs, barn, fence (hand make using t.p. roll, popsicle sticks, and cardboard.



Paper Plate Farm Animals

Materials: large and small paper plates, paint, cotton balls, glue, googly eyes


Farm Dramatic Play

Materials:  Cardboard box, red and white paint, cowboy hat, boots, plaid shirt, various stuffed farm animals, gift bag shredded paper (yellow hay)

Paint the box to look like a barn and cut a door in the front.  Have the dress up clothes and other props available.



Farm Animal Sugar Cookies

Farm Playdough Mats

Materials:  Printed playdough mats from etsy or create your own, laminating paper, page protectors, or contact paper, playdough



Visit a local farm or watch a video about a trip to a farm.  Take pictures (print pictures) and display at child’s height so they can relive the experience.



  • This is a preschool center printable packet.  It’s a free download from  Print on card stock or laminate.

Spring Weather

Spring Weather

April 1 – 5

Letter Ll:

  • Ll words:
  • Ll writing


    1. Cloudette by Tom Lichtenheld
    2. It looked like spilt milk by Charles G. Shaw
    3. Waiting out the storm by Joann Early Macken
    4. Outside your window: a first book of nature by Nicola Davies
    5. Split! Splat! By Amy Gibson
    6. Rain, Rain, Go Away by Vivianna Garofoli
    7. Underpants Thunderpants by Peter Bently



Five Little Raindrops

Counting Up:
One little raindrop in the dark, dark sky
Two little raindrops watch the clouds roll by
Three little raindrops go splat, splat, SPLAT
Four little raindrops, we’ll need boots for that!
Five little raindrops and still no sun?
That’s too much for us, we’d better… RUN!

Counting Down:
Five little raindrops above the forest floor,
One fell away and then there were four.
Four little raindrops hanging from a tree,
One dripped down and then there were three.
Three little raindrops without a thing to do,
One went SPLAT and then there were two.
Two little raindrops waiting on the sun ,
One hit the ground and then there was one.
One lonely raindrop was just about done,
He fell down and then there were none.

Oh, Mr. Sun

Oh, Mr. Sun


Mr. Golden Sun

Please shine down on me

Oh, Mr. Sun


Mr. Golden Sun

Hiding behind the tree

These little children are asking you

Please come out so we can play with you

Oh Mr. Sun

Sun Mr. Golden Sun

Please shine down on

Please shine down on

Please shine down on ME!



Introduce theme:

  1. Read a book about spring weather.
  2. What kind of weather occurs in the spring? (sunny, rainy, stormy, cool, warm etc)
  3. What should we wear?



Rain Cloud Craft

Materials:  blue construction paper, tissue paper, cotton balls, yarn or ribbon, contact paper, cereal box

  1. cut a cloud shape out of our cereal box
  2. punch 3 holes in the bottom of the cloud
  3. cut and tie 3 ribbons to hang your raindrops
  4. glue and stick cotton balls covering the cloud
  5. cut out 3 raindrops from the blue paper, cut out the middle
  6. place each on a piece of contact paper, fill center with tissue paper, sandwich with another piece of contact paper
  7. tape or tie onto string, optional: add smile and googly eyes
  8. hang in window


Umbrella Raindrop Counting

Materials: print umbrella from the link below have your child color it, 10+ raindrops cut from blue construction paper, sticky magnets OR make out of felt for feltboard.

  1. Stick magnets on the backs of the raindrops and the umbrella and diplay on fridge
  2. Let your child make it rain on the umbrella and then count how many raindrops are falling, 1-10+…


Windy Paint Kites

Materials:  straws, construction paper, paint

  1. Cut the paper into a kite shape
  2. Squirt some paint in the center of your child’s paper and allow them to blow through the straw to paint the paper. Continue with different colors until your child is done
  3. Allow to dry
  4. attach ribbon and two criss-cross straws


Rainstick Craft

Materials:  paper towel roll, tape, toothpicks, uncooked rice/beans/lentils, construction paper, markers/paint/crayons

  1. poke several toothpicks into the paper towel roll, cut ends that stick out and tape over
  2. have your child paint and decorate the construction paper, allow to dry
  3. tape one end of the roll closed
  4. add rice/beans/lentils
  5. tape the other end closed
  6. wrap the paper towel roll with the construction paper and tape



It Looked Like Spilt Milk Painting

Materials: Book – It looked like spilt milk, blue paper, cloud paint (glue, shaving cream, white paint) paint brush

  1. Read the book, It Looked Like Spilt Milk, to you child and invite them to create their own cloud painting
  2. After they’re finished ask them what it looks like, remind them of the book and the animals and characters that the clouds resembled



Rain Dramatic Play/Puddle Jump

Materials:  Prop box filled with rainy day items: raincoat, rainboots, child’s umbrella, thunderstorm music.  Tape/contact paper large blue ‘puddles’ on the floor and have your child puddle jump from one to the next. (if the weather is nice you can do this outside with chalk)



Thunder Painting

Materials:  black construction paper, black and white paint, paintbrush, thunderstorm cd track

  1. Have your child paint while listening to the music.  Discuss how the music makes them feel etc


Water Sensory Bucket

Materials:  blue tinted water with scoops, boats, watering can (make it rain), etc



Sibling project: