Fall Fun for 3 and 1


I’m BACK!  Hopefully you have looked back to last year’s fall blogs for some fall activities.  Aedan has started preschool 2 days/ week so our days aren’t jam-packed with activities like last year, but here’s what we have done for fall so far and a look at our activities for the week…

School Bus Puzzle

For this project I cut out and constructed the school bus and showed it to Aedan.  We talked about what it looked like; the shapes etc.  Then we mixed up the pieces and he reconstructed it and glued it onto his paper.



So much focus!

Hand-tracing Apple Tree

1.  Rip and roll tissue paper in to little balls

2. Cut a piece of green construction paper up into small pieces (great for small-motor skills practice)

3. With your child, trace their hand a cut out of brown construction paper; this is the tree trunk/branches.  Glue to blue construction paper

4.  Encourage your child to glue the green ‘leaves’ and red ‘ apples’ on their tree.



For my 1yo :  Her first experience with finger-painting!  I cut out a maple leaf and oak leaf out of construction paper and taped it to a piece of white construction paper.  A couple drops here and there of red, yellow and orange paint and away she went!


She wasn’t too sure about the texture at first…


…but it didn’t take long for her to get into it!


She’s just about the cutest little mess ever


Remove the leaves after the painting is dry!

ACTIVITIES FOR THE WEEK AHEAD (pics to come later)…


This week we are going to create a bear cave by covering their little playroom table with a blanket and filling it with blankets and pillows.  We are going to talk about how animals prepare for winter in the fall: some birds fly south and some animals bulk up and hibernate.


The base of the bucket is dried pinto beans, green split peas, and black beans.  Added to that are mini gourds and pumpkins (i bought some tiny foam ones from the dollar store), leaves, measuring cups, tweezers, rakes and scissor scoops etc.


Four red apples on the tree,
One fell down, then there were three.

Three red apples, shinny and new,
One fell down, now there are two.

Two red apples, under the sun,
One fell down, now there is one.

One red apple, now I see.
When it falls down, no more apples on the tree!

Audrey (1yo)

*Fall Trees Finger Painting.  I will paint a tree trunk and branches on white construction paper and have her use finger paint to create the leaves

*Leaf Pick-Up.  She loves emptying buckets and picking up right now so I have a small basket filled with silk fall colored leaves that we will play with in the playroom with the bear cave – dump out, throw around and pick up.

*Leaf baggie painting/ color mixing.   Cut out a construction paper leaf.  Place in baggie with a couple drops of red and yellow paint.  Encourage her to smear and mix the paint together.

Aedan (3yo)

*Fall Scavenger Hunt and Nature Walk.  We will be reading some books about fall and then discuss some of the things we might find outside in the fall.  I will make a list (drawings and words) of these items on paper and we will go on a fall nature walk and scavenger hunt and cross off and (if possible) collect the things on the list.  Some items might be acorns, pine cones, red leaf, yellow leaf, orange leaf, brown leaf, goose flying, pumpkin, etc

*Fall Collage.  Using the things we collected during out scavenger hunt we will make a collage.

*Fall Words Writing Practice.

*Sink Float Science Experiment.  Items to include:  leaves, gourds, pumpkins, rocks, pine-cones, acorns.  Let your child hold them and hypothesize if they will sink of float.  Make a chart as you go along.

I will post pictures as the week goes on.  Have fun!