Earth Week

Earth Week

April 22-26


Earth Day, Birthday

Tiny Planet Series



Earth Day Song

Sung to “Mulberry Bush”

This is the way we clean up trash,

Clean up trash, Clean up trash.

This is the way we clean up trash,

To help our Mother Earth

(Recycle cans…; Compost scraps…; Plant a tree…; etc.)

“Thrift Shop” by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis

Just listen to this by yourself because it’s awesome.  Not for the kiddies.


  • Vocabulary words including earth, reduce, reuse, recycle, thrift shop, litter, landfill, etc.
  • Tell what happened in the story and favorite part of the story
  • Alphabet Garden
  • Go for a nature walk and call attention to specific things you see.  When you get home, have your child draw a picture about what they saw on the walk.  Ask them to tell you about it and as they talk, write what they say.



  • Patterns- Cut circles out of thin cardboard and paint.  Allow to dry then work with your child to create patterns.  (You may want to also create a pattern grid with the cardboard.  Early learners will benefit from having a template.)
  • Counting/1:1-  Using a craft knife, slice a tp roll into circles and paint.  Glue Earth pictures or photos from a field trip/experience onto the back using hot glue.  Put a magnet on the back of the picture.  Have the child count the circles while moving them from one designated space to another on the fridge.  (You can just tape off circles or squares.)


Fine Motor/Writing

  • letter writing E is for Earth- put a little paint (blue and green) into a ziplock and have the child write E and e with their finger.
  • Scissor Skills- Give your child a pieces of blue and green paper (reuse what you have if you can).  Have your child use their scissors to cut the paper into tiny pieces.  SUPERVISE CONSTANTLY.  Glue the pieces onto a paper plate to make an Earth.
  • Create beads by cutting strips of used paper or magazine pages.  Paint with glue and roll- make sure you leave a hole through the center.  Wait for them to dry then your child can string them into necklaces.



  • Create a fairy garden by reusing a planter, pot, or coffee can.  Use other recycled materials for a house, gate, stepping stones, etc.  Then, plant a few small plants around the house.
  • Water Play- provide an aquarium net and work on cleaning the ‘trash’ out of the water.  Use small pieces of aluminum foil, cardboard, beads, etc for trash.
  • Melted crayon candle:



Arts and Crafts

Recycled Book Box

Use a cardboard box that picture books will fit into- a cereal box may be too small.  Seal the box up then cut the top off at an angle (like a magazine file).  Paint and decorate the box with your child.  Fill with your child’s favorite books.  The book box can be used next to their bed or in the car.


TP Roll Binoculars

Glue two tp rolls together to make binoculars.  Have your child paint and decorate them.  Punch holes and attach a string.


Milk Jug Sun Catchers

Cut out star shapes from the sides of milk jugs and have your child color them with permanent markers.  Punch a hole and hang in front of a window.


Recycle and Paint




Field Trips/Experiences

Local Produce Market- Explore what local produce is available and talk about how buying locally will reduce your carbon footprint


Park Cleanup- WEAR GLOVES AND BRING HAND SANITIZER!  Go to the park and clean up trash.  Recycle paper, plastic, and metal cans.  Put the rest into the garbage can.


Thrift Shop-  Take a trip to the thrift shop and refashion something with the kids this week.  A pillowcase dress, a sheet or towel into a superhero cape, an old frame into a jewelry organizer… just go with what you can find.


Other Resources


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