April 15-19


  1. Birds by Kevin Henkes
  2. Wild Birds by Joanne Ryder
  3. Baby Birds First Nest by Frank Asch
  4. South by Patrick McDonnell
  5. Sophie’s Window by Holly Keller
  6. Tico and the Golden Wings by Leo Lionni


Five Little Owls

Five little owls on a moonlit night
Five little owls are quite a sight.
Five little owls Are you keeping score?
One flew away! And then there were Four.
Four little owls happy as can be,
One flew away then there were Three.
Three little owls calling Who, Who
One flew away and that left two.
Two little owls having lots of fun.
One flew away and that left One.
One little owl we are almost done
He flew away and that leaves none

The Little Ducklings

All the little ducklings

Line up in a row

Quack, quack, quack

And away they go.

They follow their mother

Waddling to and fro

Quack, quack, quack

And away they go.

Down to the big pond

Happy as can be

Quack, quack, quack

And away they go

They jump in the water

And bob up and down

Quack, quack, quack,

They swim all around.

All the little ducklings

Swimming far away.

Quack, quack, quack

They’ll play another day.

Bird Printables and Additional Bird Resources:


  • Vocabulary words including wing, bird, worm, nest, hatch, feeder etc
  • Tell what happened in the story and favorite part of the story


  • Counting the leaves on branches (printables)
  • 1:1 counting plastic eggs and put them in bird’s nest (use a basket)

Fine Motor/Writing

  • letter tracing sheet B is for Bird
  • playdough sheets (B is for bird from Carisa’s pack)
  • bird to the birdhouse tracing sheets (from Carisa’s pack)
  • Hungry Birds Activity

Love love, this fine motor: bird eating worms  - use a clothes pin to pick up pipe cleaners  ***Jolena really had fun with this one.  We didn't stripe the "worms"  I can see how it does help fine motor skills as well as encouraging creative problem solving for those hard to get worms. :)

Materials: green/brown pipe cleaner, clothes pins

Have you child pick up the ‘worms’ using their ‘beaks’!!!


  • take a nature walk and look for birds in your neighborhood and yard
  • Read this online book together about the life-cycle of a duck
  • check out an ornithology book from the library and look at different species of birds with your child
  • Place a bird feeder close to a window and watch what kinds of birds come.  Identify the birds you see in the ornithology book and keep a tally using a sticker chart.
  • Bird Seed Sensory Bucket

Spring Sensory bin with bird seed, birds nests, birds, worms, clothespins as birds beaks, tweezers, mini plastic eggs, pom poms, etc.

Materials:  paper bags (roll down to make bird’s nests), fake birds, birdseed, fake insects, egg carton, plastic eggs, kid tweezers, pom poms, clothes pins etc


Peacock Craft

Peacock plate - maybe a need someday

Materials: coffee filter, water color paints, construction paper, googly eyes

Robin Footprint Paintings (*babies)

B    Bird:  Robin footprint craft!  For those with 'little ones"

Materials: construction paper, brown/red paint, orange marker

Paint with feathers

Materials: paint, construction paper, feathers

Bird Paper Plates

Like this for preschool/young kids! Do you love the children's books by Don and Audrey Wood? Juggling With Kids made paper plate birds that were inspired by the book "Birdsong". Check out the other 20+ bloggers that also linked up great activities from other books by Woods. You won't be disappointed! #Jugglingwithkids #paperplate #birds #craft #donandaudreywoods #books

Materials: paper plate, curling ribbon, construction paper, tissue paper, glue, stapler


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