Mom power

Many of my friends have begun to request resources and lesson plans so I decided to make life a little easier (or maybe not) and create a blog… SOooo Welcome to … “Anything for an m&m, the many adventures of a ‘play-at-home’ mom”!  So named because I can get my son to do just about anything for an m&m and, well, because blog names are hard to come up with when one is normally sleeping.  My tagline “the many adventures of a ‘play-at-home’ mom” refers to just that: adventures, mishaps, funny moments, trying moments, teaching tools/resources/ideas, maybe a few recipes thrown in for kicks.

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3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi!
    I was trying to find out what you used to make the JOL on the fridge.
    But was not successful 😦
    Can you help me? I would live to do this for my grandson.
    Thank you,

    • Hi heather,
      The jack o lantern is cut out of orange construction paper then I used clear contact paper (lakeshore learning store) to stick it on the fridge. The black eyes/nose/mouth pieces are cut from a sheet of thick black foam found at JoAnne amongst the kids craft aisles. I hot glued strips of magnet tape (also Joanne) to the back of each piece. Hope this helps! Have fun!

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