Spring Weather

Spring Weather

April 1 – 5

Letter Ll:

  • Ll words:
  • Ll writing


    1. Cloudette by Tom Lichtenheld
    2. It looked like spilt milk by Charles G. Shaw
    3. Waiting out the storm by Joann Early Macken
    4. Outside your window: a first book of nature by Nicola Davies
    5. Split! Splat! By Amy Gibson
    6. Rain, Rain, Go Away by Vivianna Garofoli
    7. Underpants Thunderpants by Peter Bently



Five Little Raindrops

Counting Up:
One little raindrop in the dark, dark sky
Two little raindrops watch the clouds roll by
Three little raindrops go splat, splat, SPLAT
Four little raindrops, we’ll need boots for that!
Five little raindrops and still no sun?
That’s too much for us, we’d better… RUN!

Counting Down:
Five little raindrops above the forest floor,
One fell away and then there were four.
Four little raindrops hanging from a tree,
One dripped down and then there were three.
Three little raindrops without a thing to do,
One went SPLAT and then there were two.
Two little raindrops waiting on the sun ,
One hit the ground and then there was one.
One lonely raindrop was just about done,
He fell down and then there were none.

Oh, Mr. Sun

Oh, Mr. Sun


Mr. Golden Sun

Please shine down on me

Oh, Mr. Sun


Mr. Golden Sun

Hiding behind the tree

These little children are asking you

Please come out so we can play with you

Oh Mr. Sun

Sun Mr. Golden Sun

Please shine down on

Please shine down on

Please shine down on ME!



Introduce theme:

  1. Read a book about spring weather.
  2. What kind of weather occurs in the spring? (sunny, rainy, stormy, cool, warm etc)
  3. What should we wear?



Rain Cloud Craft

Materials:  blue construction paper, tissue paper, cotton balls, yarn or ribbon, contact paper, cereal box

  1. cut a cloud shape out of our cereal box
  2. punch 3 holes in the bottom of the cloud
  3. cut and tie 3 ribbons to hang your raindrops
  4. glue and stick cotton balls covering the cloud
  5. cut out 3 raindrops from the blue paper, cut out the middle
  6. place each on a piece of contact paper, fill center with tissue paper, sandwich with another piece of contact paper
  7. tape or tie onto string, optional: add smile and googly eyes
  8. hang in window


Umbrella Raindrop Counting

Materials: print umbrella from the link below have your child color it, 10+ raindrops cut from blue construction paper, sticky magnets OR make out of felt for feltboard.


  1. Stick magnets on the backs of the raindrops and the umbrella and diplay on fridge
  2. Let your child make it rain on the umbrella and then count how many raindrops are falling, 1-10+…


Windy Paint Kites

Materials:  straws, construction paper, paint

  1. Cut the paper into a kite shape
  2. Squirt some paint in the center of your child’s paper and allow them to blow through the straw to paint the paper. Continue with different colors until your child is done
  3. Allow to dry
  4. attach ribbon and two criss-cross straws


Rainstick Craft

Materials:  paper towel roll, tape, toothpicks, uncooked rice/beans/lentils, construction paper, markers/paint/crayons

  1. poke several toothpicks into the paper towel roll, cut ends that stick out and tape over
  2. have your child paint and decorate the construction paper, allow to dry
  3. tape one end of the roll closed
  4. add rice/beans/lentils
  5. tape the other end closed
  6. wrap the paper towel roll with the construction paper and tape



It Looked Like Spilt Milk Painting

Materials: Book – It looked like spilt milk, blue paper, cloud paint (glue, shaving cream, white paint) paint brush

  1. Read the book, It Looked Like Spilt Milk, to you child and invite them to create their own cloud painting
  2. After they’re finished ask them what it looks like, remind them of the book and the animals and characters that the clouds resembled



Rain Dramatic Play/Puddle Jump

Materials:  Prop box filled with rainy day items: raincoat, rainboots, child’s umbrella, thunderstorm music.  Tape/contact paper large blue ‘puddles’ on the floor and have your child puddle jump from one to the next. (if the weather is nice you can do this outside with chalk)



Thunder Painting

Materials:  black construction paper, black and white paint, paintbrush, thunderstorm cd track

  1. Have your child paint while listening to the music.  Discuss how the music makes them feel etc


Water Sensory Bucket

Materials:  blue tinted water with scoops, boats, watering can (make it rain), etc



Sibling project:



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