A Month of Ocean Themed Fun

This is a list of activities that we will be doing for February… Our Ocean Theme month.  We will be adding and building onto our theme throughout the whole month.  Topics to be covered: the ocean, water animals, beach, boats, pirates.



  • Commotion in the Ocean
  • Wow! Ocean
  • Ocean Babies
  • Into the A.B.Sea
  • Under the Sea 1,2,3
  • Shark in the Park
  • The 3 Little Fish and the Big Bad Shark
  • Dolphin Baby
  • Ahoy Pirates
  • …looking for more beach and pirate themed books

Science and Sensory:

  • Shells exploration
  • Ocean books
  • Sink/Float
  • Discovery Bottles (ocean water, pirate treasure, and beach i-spy)
  • Nat Geo shows about Ocean
  • Water Table with Toob/shells/pebbles/nets etc
  • Iceberg Bath with penguins and whales/dolphin



  • words on fridge
  • story props and words retelling story
  • Words that rhyme with shark, fish, whale etc…
  • Ocean picture books, submarine book
  • Whale letter match (uppercase and lowercase letters)



  • writing ocean words
  • practice writing with dry erase board



  • Toilet paper tube octopi/paper octopus ‘wind catcher’ craft
  • Paper bowl and streamer jellyfish
  • Paper bag fish
  • Paper plate seahorses
  • Submarine
  • Fishing boat
  • Scissors practice



  • Make playroom into ocean (decorate together with art projects as the month goes by)
  • Create out submarine and fishing boat together (submarine in the playroom, boat in the living room)
  • Shell memory game
  • Discussion posters (what do you know, what do you want to know, what have you learned)
  • Seashells, buckets, shovels, molds and Sand-doh
  • Beach ball play
  • Treasure hunt (make a treasure map and follow clues to find the pirate’s buried treasure chest)



  • Seashell sorting
  • Seashell patterns
  • Feed the shark (counting and small motor skills practice: make a shark mouth out of a box, cut small hole for mouth and insert plastic cup, child uses tweezers to pick and place glass pebbles one at a time in the sharks mouth, counting as they do so)


Field Trips

  • visit the zoo
  • visit a pet shop



Just for Audrey:

  • Fish/sharks etc in solid colors on the fridge and laminated for her to learn colors also make some for the magnet board
  • Ocean squishy bags
  • Ocean foamy sticker collage