Think Warm Thoughts Week 2

Letter Gg:

  • Gg words:
  • Gg writing


    1. Chicka Chicka Boom Boom
    2. On the Way to the Beach by Henry Cole
    3. Francine Francine the Beach Party Queen by Audrey Colman
    4. Flotsam by David Wiesner
    5. Scaredy Squirrel at the Beach by Melanie Watt
    6. Beach Day by Karen Roosa
    7. At the Beach by Mandy Stanley



Five Little Seashells

Five little seashells lying on the shore

Crash! went a big wave, and then there were four.


Four little seashells down by the sea

Crash! went a big wave, and then there were three.


Three little seashells pearly and new

Crash! went a big wave, and then there were two.


Two little seashells sparkling in the sun

Swish! went a big wave, and then there was one.


One little seashell all by itself

I took it straight home and put it on my shelf


IDEA: glue magnets to the backs of seashells, make a beach scene on construction paper and tape to fridge.  Then, use the magnetic shells to act out the fingerplay.

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

Create a felt or paper coconut tree and act out the book using felt or foam letters.



Introduce theme:

  1. Read a book about the beach.
  2. What do you see at the beach?
  3. What should you wear when you go to the beach?
  4. What can you do at the beach?
  5. What should you bring when you go to the beach?
  6. What animals live on the beach/in the ocean?


Spy Bottle

  1. Place objects such as beads, sequins, and small shells into a bottle.
  2. Fill the bottle with sand almost to the top.
  3. Glue the cap on the bottle.
  4. Have your child turn the bottle to find the objects that are hidden in the sand.


Octopus Patterns

  1. Cut the shape of an octopus from a piece of white construction paper.
  2. On the legs of the octopus, create patterns by drawing dots of colors that correlate to the colors in the fruit loops.
  3. Give the child a bowl of fruit loops and have them match the patterns of dots you made.

*If your child is ready to create ABAB or AABB patterns on their own, skip step two and just let them go to town.





Materials: 2 Paper bowls, watercolor paint, cardstock, fishing line, various ribbons or crepe paper

  1. Paint the bottom of a paper bowl with watercolors.
  2. Trim eyes from cardstock using kid-friendly scissors. Don’t have cardstock on hand? Draw the eyes with markers.
  3. On the inside of the bowl, add liquid adhesive and place the ends of some ribbon in it. Place another bowl on top (with the ribbon sticking out) and let it dry.
  4. Have an adult poke two small holes in the center of the bowl. Thread fishing line through the bowl so it creates a loop under the bowl.
  5. Tie ribbon and trim to the loop, then tighten the loop to secure the ribbon.

Roll and GraphOcean:

Materials: cardstock, dot paint, markers, or stickers

  1. Print the ocean die and graph on cardstock
  2. Fold and glue the die
  3. Have your child roll, then graph their result using a dot painter, marker, or sticker



Sand Observations

  1. Give your child two containers- one with dry sand, one with wet sand.
  2. Let your child experiment with the textures and play in the sand.  Offer popsicle sticks, small toys, and sea shells.
  3. Ask your child questions such as, “Which sand feels colder?  Which one do you like better?  Why?”
  4. Show your child how to make impressions in the wet sand vs. dry sand.


Tear Paper

Just have your child tear up some construction paper in a variety of colors in preparation for tomorrow’s art activity.



Rainbow Fish

Materials: Paper plate, glue, paint brush, torn construction paper, googly eye or white cardstock.

  1. Cut a triangle out of the paper plate to create the fish’s mout/tail and glue it on where the tail should go.
  2. Have your child use the paint brush with glue to attach the torn paper to the plate.
  3. Glue the eye on the plate.


Edible Aquarium:

Make blue Jell-O following the directions on the box. Pour the Jell-O into clear plastic cups and let them partially set – approximately one hour. Then use gummy fish, Swedish fish-Aqua Life, or fruit snack sharks to push into the Jell-O. Refrigerate for the remaining time and then enjoy!


Friday Fun-day!

Go on a special outing, have a special lunch, stay in jammies all day.  Offer several suggestions and let your child choose and run the show for the day!


For the Littles:

Sand Between Your Toes

Put some clean, dry sand in a shallow bucket and let your baby kick their feet in it.  Just be careful that they don’t get their hands in it or you will be digging sand out of their mouth.

Fishy Feet and Octopus Hands

Make an ocean scene by using your baby’s handprints and footprints.


Think Warm Thoughts!

Think Warm Thoughts!

February 18-22


Who wouldn’t want to be here right about now?  Ummm, yes please!  We are suffering from severe cabin fever around here and need to think warm thoughts to cheer us up!

Accompanying pictures soon to come!



Letter Ff:

  • Ff words: fish, firetruck, feet, flag, flower
  • Ff writing


    1. The Berenstain Bears Go to Camp, Stan and Jan Berenstain
    2. The Bunnies’ Picnic, Lezlie Evans
    3. Franklin’s Picnic, Sharon Jennings
    4. Blue’s Beach Day, Jeff Borkin
    5. Sneakers, the seaside cat, Margaret Wise Brown
    6. Canoe Days, Gary Paulson
    7. One-dog-canoe, Mary Casanova
    8. Henry Builds a Cabin, D.B. Johnson
    9. Swimming Lessons, Betsy Jay
    10.  Summertime in the Big Woods, Laura Ingalls Wilder


  • Five Little Ocean Friends

This finger play helps develop number awareness. Cut out the Ocean Friends from the webpage above and attach each one to a popsicle stick.

Five little ocean friends

On the ocean floor;

The starfish walks away

Now there are four.

Four little ocean friends

Living in the sea;

The crab slides away

Now there are three.

Three little ocean friends

Looking for a clue;

“Glub, glup,” said the lobster.

Now there are two.

Two little ocean friends

Not having much fun;

Off swam the sea house

Now there is one.

One little octopus

Sad and all alone,

Back swims the starfish,

Back swims the crab,

Back swims the lobster,

Back swims the sea horse,

And they played in the foam.




Introduce theme:

  1. Read a book about a beach or summertime.
  2. What is our weather like?
  3. What is the weather like in this book/picture (picture of people playing at a beach etc)
  4. What are the people doing in this book/picture?
  5. What would you like to do if you were here? (sandcastle, swim, boat, etc)

Warm Weather vs Cold Weather Math Sorting:

Materials: winter scene and summer scene computer printout/picture, small pictures of things identifiable as summer and winter items/activities printed and cut out.

  1. Print a winter scene and a summer scene from your computer.
  2. Print and cut apart small pictures of things identifiable as summer/winter things (hat, coat, mittens, boots, snow, snowman, skiing, skating, etc = winter) (flower, rain, swim suit, shovel and pail, butterflies, swimming, etc = summer)
  3. Have your child sit down and sort the pictures of the items onto the winter picture and summer picture.  Discuss the pictures.


Sandy Painting Art Project

Materials: Sand Paint, construction paper, paint brush

  1. Make sand paint with your child.  Together mix equal parts paint and white glue.  Fold in sand until it is desired consistency.
  2. Set up sand paint, paper and brush on jelly roll cookie sheet for easy cleanup and invite your child to paint a sandy beach scene picture.

Ice Cream Parlor Dramatic Play:

Materials: cardboard box, scissors, brown construction paper, Styrofoam balls, acrylic paint, clean empty ice cream containers (*you may have to eat some ice cream, darn), ice cream scoop, apron, cash register

  1. Cut holes in a cardboard box and turn over, this is where your child can make and display ice cream cones.
  2. Make paper cones out of brown construction paper or brown foam, put cones in cardboard box.
  3. Paint Styrofoam balls for your ice cream scoops
  4. Make signs, menus, etc.
  5. Invite your child to come play ice cream parlor with you.  Allow them to lead you through play.


Summer at the Pond – Sink/Float Science and Sensory

Materials: Sensory Table, green and blue foam, pond life toob, small aquarium net, fishing lures with hooks removed,

  1. Make pond creatures (fish, turtle, frog etc) by cutting shapes out of the foam.  (These items will float.)
  2. Place two foam signs next to the water table that say sink and float.
  3. Encourage your child to explore the items, scoop with the net and hypothesize which items will sink and which will float.


Living Room Picnic

Materials: blanket, plastic ants/insects, picnic basket lunch etc

  1. Read a book about picnics with your child.
  2. Explain to them that you want to have a picnic today, but it’s too cold outside (unless you live in AZ then I say screw you! 😉 go have a real picnic and enjoy the Vitamin D ) .
  3. Ask your child to help you come up with a list of items you need to have a picnic (lunch – sandwich, grapes, carrots, etc… , blanket, sunglasses etc).
  4. Do your best to collect the items you need for your picnic .
  5. Set up your picnic in the living room or playroom on the floor.
  6. While you eat discuss all the fun things you look forward to doing when the weather is warm again.

Beach Bath Play

Materials: blue food coloring, shovels, buckets, beach sand toys, beach ball, sea shells, bath sand

  1. Make bath sand (shaving cream, food coloring, bath salts) ahead of time with your child.
  2. Add food coloring to bath.
  3. Encourage your child to search for shells and scoop with their shovel, build a castle with their bath sand, etc.

Friday Fun-day!

Go on a special outing, have a special lunch, stay in jammies all day.  Offer several suggestions and let your child choose and run the show for the day!


For the Littles:

Sandy Painting with feet

After big brother/sister is done making their sandy art projects use the remaining paint for you baby!  Encourage them to kick with their feet and smear with their hands.

Sunny Yellow Play

Lay out a blanket on the floor.  Arrange various types of yellow toys and household (safe) items for you child to explore.

Indoor kiddie pool play with beach balls

Bring in your summer kiddie pool and fill with beach balls for your child to explore.  If you are really adventurous: fill pool with a few inches of warm water and put your child in their bumbo seat so they can splash with their feet.  ***DO NOT LEAVE BABIES UNATTENDED***