Welcome Spring! Garden Theme


Letter Jj:

  • Jj words: jaguar, jellybeans, jacket, jack o lantern, juice
  • Jjwriting


    1. Yucky Worms by Vivian French
    2. My Garden by Kevin Henkes
    3. Oliver’s Vegetables by Vivian French
    4. Outside Your Window by Nicola Davies
    5. The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle
    6. Plant A Little Seed by Bonnie Christensen



The Gardener Plants the Seeds

(tune: The Farmer in the Dell)

The gardener plants the seeds.

The gardener plants the seeds

Hi ho the derry oh,

The gardener plants the seeds


Second Verse: The rain falls on the ground

Third Verse: The sun shines bright and warm

Fourth Verse: The seeds begin to grow

Fifth Verse:  Flowers grow everywhere



5 Little Seeds
5 Little seeds in the deep, dark ground,
sleeping and waiting, not making a sound.
Along came an ant, across the garden floor,
He carried off one seed, and then there were four.

4 Little seeds in the deep, dark ground,

sleeping and waiting, not making a sound.
Down came a birdie, out of the tree,
He ate up one seed and then there were three.

3 Little seeds in the deep dark ground,
sleeping and waiting, not making a sound.
Out snuck a cat, as cats often do,
He dug up one seed, and then there were two.

2 Little seeds in the deep dark ground,
sleeping and waiting, not making a sound.
Along came a puppy, out having fun,
They ran through the planted seeds, and then there was one.

1 little seed in the deep dark ground,
sleeping and waiting, not making a sound.
Down came the rain, and warm was the sun,
They woke up the little seed, his sprouting had begun!




Introduce theme:

  1. Read a book about gardens/gardening/plant life cycle.
  2. What does a flower start out as?  A SEED!  Show different flower/veggie/fruit seeds.  Let your child touch and hold them to experience their size and texture.  Explain to him that just like flowers are all different so are their seeds.
  3. Show your child pictures of a flower in different stages of growth.  Discuss the things flowers need to grow.  (water, soil, and sunshine)


Planting Seeds

Materials: small flower pot, potting soil, flower seeds (vegetable/herb seeds etc), child size gardening gloves, child trowel. Optional: Miracle Grow Mini Greenhouse

  1. Read The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle
  2. Discuss with your child what happened and the process of planting a seed and growing a flower.  Ask your child if they would like to plant a seed.
  3. Come up with a list of things that you need to use for planting your flower.  Gather those items together with your child.
  4. Together plant your seeds.  Discuss what happens next (what your seed needs to grow, watching it grow, put in the sun etc)
  5. Daily – sprits with misting water bottle to keep seeds and soil damp


Flower-Vegetable-Fruit Sorting

Materials: various veggie, fruit and flower seed packets OR computer printed pictures, three large circle construction paper cut-outs


  1. Ask your child to help you sort the seed packets.  Explain that some are vegetables, some are fruits and some are flowers and they’re all mixed up.
  2. Sort the seed packets onto the different construction paper circles



SpringGarden Sensory Bucket


Materials:  dried black beans, green lentils, pinto beans, river rocks, small terra cotta flower pots, tongs, measuring cups, gardening gloves, trowels, rakes etc.


Sunflower Fridge Magnet Art Project

Materials:  small paper plate, yellow paint, large craft stick, sunflower seeds, glue, paintbrush, magnet strips (make one sunflower or several and give as gifts for Easter)

  1. Ahead of time, cut the paper plate so it looks like a sunflower.
  2. Have your child paint the paper plate yellow and the craft stick green, allow to dry.
  3. Have your child glue sunflower seeds onto the center of the paper plate.
  4. Once the glue is dry, help your child to tape or glue the craft stick to the back of the flower, attach a magnet strip

Image below is to give a general idea of the finished product:


Worms in the Dirt Afternoon Snack

Materials: chocolate pudding, oreos, gummy worms, mint

  1. Before nap make the chocolate pudding with your child, allow to set up during nap.
  2. After nap, crush the oreos in a plastic ziplock bag with your child using a rolling pin
  3. Put together your snack together. Add a sprig of mint


Carrots for the Rabbit Play-Doh

Materials:  orange play-doh, ‘carrots for the rabbit’ play-doh mat, page protector

  1. Print the ‘carrots for the rabbit’ play-doh mat: http://www.prekinders.com/2011/04/carrots-rabbit-play-dough-mats/  and put inside a page protector.
  2. Encourage your child to create carrot shapes and ‘plant them below the grass in the dirt.  You can also make flowers etc…



Parts of a plant

Materials:  Materials will vary – You can make this as a feltboard activity, table activity, or attach magnets for a fridge activity.


  1. Create four separate parts of a flower for you and your child to discuss and construct together again and again:
    • Flower (produces seeds to grow more flowers)
    • stem with leaf (leaf absorbs sunlight)
    • stem (transports water and nutrients to flower)
    • roots (absorb water from the soil)

Flower Bouquet

Materials: various colors of tissue paper, flesh colored construction paper, green construction paper, glue

  1. Have your child tear up some tissue paper
  2. With your child, trace their hand and part of their wrist/arm and cut out of flesh colored construction paper.
  3. With your child cut out strips of green construction paper for flower stems (a leaf or two if you want as well)
  4. Have your child glue the stems and hand on the paper so it looks like the hand is holding a bouquet.
  5. Have your child glue the tissue paper on the tops of the stems for the blooms.

Friday Fun-day!

Go on a special outing, have a special lunch, stay in jammies all day.  Offer several suggestions and let your child choose and run the show for the day!



Extra/Alternative Activities:

Flower Prints

Materials: paint, construction paper, paint, paint palette, scissors, paper towel/toilet paper tubes

  1. Cut the ends of the paper tubes and fold back to create a stamp.  Make them different sizes and shapes to create different looking flowers.  Add green stems, leaves and center
  2. With the contact paper sticky side up have your child stick on the tissue paper filling in the rainbow and clouds
  3. When they’re finished use another piece of contact paper sandwiching the tissue in-between
  4. Display on window


For the Littles:

Make a handprint bouquet


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