Colors Week


Letter Hh:

  • Hh words: horse, hat, hammer, heart, house
  • Hh writing


    1. 10 Hungry Rabbits: counting and color concepts by Anita Lobel
    2. Bugs Galore by Peter Stein
    3. Red Cat Blue Cat by Jenni Desmond
    4. A Color of His Own by Leo Lionni
    5. Rainbow Fish ABC by Marcus Pfister
    6. Planting A Rainbow by Lois Ehlert

*Have each day (M-Sa) be a color day and wear that color shirt.



Red Red Red Ball

Blue Blue Blue Sky

Green Green Grass That Grows

White White White Snow

Black Black Black Crow

Pink A Kitten’s Nose

Yellow Sunshine


PurpleMountains Majesty

Red and Blue and Green and Pink and Yellow, Black, and White

All the colors of the rainbow make our world so bright!


Introduce theme:

  1. Read a book about colors.
  2. What colors did we see in the book?
  3. What colors do you see in the room/outside etc?
  4. What color is your favorite?
  5. Take turns playing an I-Spy color game

Squishy Paint Art – Making Secondary Colors


Materials: 3 large ziplocks, 3 pieces of white construction paper, Red Yellow and Blue paint

  1. With your child set up the project: place a piece of white construction paper into each ziplock bag
  2. Tell your child you want to experiment mixing colors.
  3. Squirt two quarter size drops of paint in the bags – red and yellow, blue and yellow, red and blue – a couple inches apart.
  5. Hypothesize with your child what will happen when you mix the two colors together.  What color will it make?
  6. Encourage your child to squish, squeeze, spread the paint around revealing the secondary colors!

Color Experiment

Materials: 6 white carnations or celery stalks, 6 water glasses, food coloring

  1. Dye water in 6 water glasses ROYGBP
  2. Cut a fresh end on each of the carnations (you can do celery, but carnations work better)
  3. Place one in each glass
  4. Hypothesize with your child what will happen
  5. Check the flowers daily – take a picture every day around the same time, at the end of the week, print and look at the progression of the color with your child


Colored Rice Sensory Bucket

Materials:  Bulk Rice (I buy Uncle Bens long grain brown rice from Sam’s Club), Food coloring, rubbing alcohol, paper towels, jelly roll pan, zip lock bags.  Sensory bucket toys (shovels, buckets, little animals, measuring cups etc)

  1. Equally divide rice into 6 zip lock bags
  2. Add a few drops of food coloring and about a capful of rubbing alcohol.
  3. Zip the bags closed and mix, by shaking and turning the bag
  4. Add more color if needed
  5. Spread out on a paper towel lined jelly roll pan and allow to COMPLETELY dry (takes a couple hrs – goes faster if you mix the rice on the tray every now and then)
  6. After drying, make piles of the rice in your sensory bucket, allow your child to mix together.
  7. Let the play begin!


Rainbow Sugar Cookie Snack

Materials:  premade sugar cookie dough from grocery store (or make your own), food coloring, yogurt or pudding, milk J

  1. Make and dye the dough in the morning, chill in fridge during naptime, bake after nap and serve with milk and rainbow pudding/yogurt (divide yogurt into 6 small scoops, tint each with food coloring, combine in bowl.)

Make rainbow pudding with vanilla pudding and food coloring.  DSC_0010DSC_0013DSC_0015DSC_0016

Rainbow Dancing

Materials: old wooden paintbrush, ribbon in all 6 colors, screw driver, kid’s dance music/CD

  1. Cut off the bristle end of the paintbrush
  2. Drill 6 holes in the end of the paintbrush
  3. Tie on your ribbons and DANCE J

DIY A rainbow wand from an old paint brush handle.DSC_0004




Shaving Cream Paint Bath Play

Materials:  paint palette, paint brush, tempera paint, shaving cream

  1. Mix the paint and shaving cream together to create the 6 colors of the rainbow
  2. At bath time, encourage your child to mix, swirl and paint with the colored shaving cream using the paintbrush

Stained Glass Window

Rainbow Collage

Materials: 12 x 18 white construction paper, various collage materials in all colors (tissue paper pieces, straw pieces, pom poms, curling ribbon curls, pipe cleaners, buttons, beads etc), glue, paint brush, plate.

  1. Prep supplies at the table
  2. Have your child sit down with you and tell them you want to make a rainbow collage using all these different materials
  3. Encourage your child to glue and stick on their own making their own unique collage

Color Sorting Math

Materials: empty egg carton, markers, pom poms in all 6 colors, kid tongs/tweezers

  1. Make a mark using the makers or paint to identify each cup as a particular color.
  2. Have your child sit down and sort the pom poms using the tweezers (tweezers make the activity more fun J )


Rainbow Letter Practice

Materials: shoe box lid, paint roygbp, sand or salt

  1. With your child, paint the inside lid of the box in large stripes with the paint, allow to dry
  2. Pour the sand or salt inside the lid so you cover the paint
  3. Take turns with your child writing letters and numbers or drawing pictures in the sand

rainbow letter practice

Rainbow Stained Glass:

Materials: black construction paper, contact paper, tissue paper in all 6 colors plus white.

  1. Have your child tear up small pieces of the tissue paper while you cut out the outline of a rainbow with clouds
  2. place it on the contact paper
  3. With the contact paper sticky side up have your child stick on the tissue paper filling in the rainbow and clouds
  4. When they’re finished use another piece of contact paper sandwiching the tissue in-between
  5. Display on window

Friday Fun-day!

Go on a special outing, have a special lunch, stay in jammies all day.  Offer several suggestions and let your child choose and run the show for the day!

Extra/Alternative Activities:

A Color of His Own Watercolor Painting

Materials: Watercolors, white construction paper, marker

  1. Draw the outline of the gecko from ‘A Color of His Own’ story.  (do your best)
  2. Read the story with your child.  Ask if they would like to paint.
  3. Encourage your child to paint the gecko, discuss the colors he chooses to use.

Rainbow Bottles

Materials: 3 Empty plastic water bottle, oil, water, food coloring, glue, tape

  1. Dye each (water, oil,) separately.
  2. Add to the bottles – primary colors to create secondary.  Example: blue water and yellow oil in one bottle – when your child shakes the bottle it will turn green!
  3. Glue the cap on then tape the cap for added security J

For the Littles:

Have each day be a color play day

Lay out a white blanket and arrange on it various (safe) household objects (mixing spoons, books, pillows, Tupperware etc) and toys for your child to explore each day being a specific color day.


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