Animals in the Winter

Letter Bb:

DSC_0011 (5)

Bb writing sheet and Bb words

Bb color page, Bb writing sheet,

B words: Boat, Bus, Ball, Banana, Bike, Butterfly

BEAR bear magnet match

(Post uppercase and lowercase letter and words with pictures on fridge, go over letters daily)

DSC_0012 (5)

BEAR bear magnet match

Discussions:  (write out and add pics then post on fridge so child can tell daddy all about it – pics jog memory)

  • What do some animals do in winter? (Hibernate)  What does that mean?  Why?  Which animals hibernate?
  • Where do some birds go during the winter? (Travel south)  Why?


Penguin Family

DSC_0001 (6)

One royal penguin . .feeling very blue (hold up one finger)
Called for his brother then there were two (hold up two fingers)
Two royal penguins. . .swimming in the sea (swimming motion)
Called for their sister then there were three (hold up three fingers)
Three royal penguins waddle on the shore (waddle)
Call for their mother, then there were four (hold up four fingers)
Four royal penguins learning how to dive (Make diving motion)
Call for their father, then there were five (hold up five fingers)

Here is a Cave – Fingerplay

Here is a cave. (bend fingers to form cave)
Inside is a bear. (put thumb inside fingers)
Now he comes out. (thumb out)
To get some fresh air.
He stays out all summer
In sunshine and heat.
He hunts in the forest
For berries to eat. (move thumb in circle)
When snow starts to fall
He hurries inside.
His warm little cave (thumb in)
And there he will hide.
Snow covers the cave
Like a fluffy white rug. (cover with other hand)
Inside the bear sleeps
All cozy and snug.



Ten Little Penguins
Tune: Ten Little Indians

One little, two little, three little penguins,
Four little, five little, six little penguins,
Seven little, eight little, nine little penguins,
Ten little penguin chicks.

Hibernation Song
Tune: Are You Sleeping

Bear is sleeping, bear is sleeping
In the cave, in the cave.
I wonder when he’ll come out,
I wonder when he’ll come out
In the spring, In the spring.

Birds are flying, birds are flying
In the sky, in the sky.
I wonder when they’ll come back,
I wonder when they’ll come back,
In the spring, in the spring.




DSC_0004 (4)DSC_0007 (4)


  • Use Toob animals to count.  Child can place each animal on a colored dot on a paper to practice one-to-one correspondence.
  • Draw two large circles on a piece of construction paper.  Place animals from polar animal toob in one circle.  Show child how to move the animals one at a time over to the other circle while counting.
  • Place winter animal stickers on index cards (or use computer printouts and glue).  Make sure you have 2 of each animal.  Play matching or memory games with the cards.


  • Fake snow, cotton balls, winter/arctic animal toob
  • Fresh, clean snow, gloves, shovel, spray bottle with colored water, winter/arctic animal toob
  • Shaving cream, colored ice cubes in primary colors (child mixes to make secondary colors)
  • Sensory bottle: water, oil, and chunky white glitter/confetti
  • Freeze colored water in the bottom of a sensory bucket, add snow, ice cubes, Styrofoam peanuts, etc. to make it look like a snow land for the polar animals from toob to play.

Outside:  winter play, sledding, shoveling, skating, — hot cocoa snack (Unless you live in Arizona.  Then you’re up a creek.)

Bring your stuffed bears and other animals outside (if they can be tossed in the dryer) and build caves and dens for them in the snow.

Gross Motor Skills:

Follow the Footprints

Materials Needed: Animal footprints made from construction paper; tape

Place the footprints around the room. Tape them to the floor or carpet so they are not slippery. Have the children follow the footprints by hopping from one to the next.

VARIATIONS: Have the children choose a winter animal name and then move from footprint to footprint the way THAT named animal would move (scurry like a mouse, hop like a rabbit, etc.)

Winter Dancing

Materials Needed: CD Player, music (preferably calm “waltz” type music).

Let your child take off their shoes and “skate” to the music!  If you have only a carpeted area, try this: Tape wax paper to the bottom of their shoes and they can “skate” on the carpet!


Creative Play/Art:

Snow Play-Doh

Play Doh: 1/4c salt 1c flour 1/4c water

White glitter, winter theme cookie cutters

Use the toob animals to create tracks in the snow.  Create snow caves for the animals to hibernate in


Materials: Large cardboard box, Brown or Grey Paint       (optional), large, white blanket or sheet, blanket

Paint the box, if time allows, and cut an opening in the side that is big enough for the child to crawl through.  Shape the opening like the mouth of a cave.  Cover the cave with the white blanket or sheet (snow).  Place the other blanket on the floor of the cave.

The cave can be the center of all activities this week.  You can sing songs, do fingerplays, etc. in the cave.  Your child can even decorate the inside of the cave with their snow art projects from the last few weeks.  Go through the child’s stuffed animals and decide which hibernate and should go in the cave.  This will be so much fun that it will be hard to recycle the box at the end of the week.

  • “Animals in the Snow” Paintings

DSC_0001 (5)

Materials: Blue construction paper, Spray bottle, white paint, animal cutouts

Cut out the shapes of some woodland animals- you can even print them then cut them out.  Lay them on a large piece of construction paper.  Dilute the while paint slightly so that it will spray out of the bottle.  Lightly spray over the animal cutouts.  Remove the cutouts.  It should look like the animals are walking through a snowstorm.

DSC_0009 (4)

  • Coffee Brown Bears

Materials:  Blue construction paper, snow paint (from last week), twigs, brown/grey paint, glue, dried coffee grounds, googly eyes

After making coffee, tap the grounds out onto a paper towel and let them dry for a day or so.  (Coffee is precious.  Waste not.)  Collect your materials and work together to make a winter scene with bare trees (twigs), snow on the ground (snow paint), and even some animal tracks in the snow if you want.  Use the brown/grey paint to create a cave.  Wait for all the paint to dry.  Go back and paint a bear with the glue and sprinkle the coffee grounds on it.  When everything is dry, glue the googly eyes on the bear.

  • Painted Birdhouses

DSC_0018 (3)

Materials: Unfinished bird house ($1.00 at JoAnn), child-safe paint

After discussing migration, have your child paint a bird house for the birds that are coming to visit (in Arizona) or for when they come back home (in Minnesota).

DSC_0015 (4)DSC_0016 (4)

  • Pinecone Birdfeeders

Pine cone, sunflower seeds, peanut butter , string or yarn

Tie a 2-3ft piece of string/fishing line/yarn on your pinecone.  With your child spread peanut butter then roll on a plate on sunflower seeds.  Hang in a tree outside and observe the types of birds/critters that come to eat.



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