Let it SNOW!


I’m getting a head start blogging for next week (Jan 7-11).  This is what I have planned.  I will post pictures as the week progresses!

Letter Aa:



          Aa color page, Aa writing sheet,

          A words: Apple, Ant, Aedan, Airplane, Alligator

          Acorn ACORN magnet match

(Post uppercase and lowercase letter and words with pictures on fridge, go over letters daily)

Discussions:  (write out and add pics then post on fridge so child can tell daddy all about it – pics jog memory)

  • What do you wear outside in the winter? (Hat, coat, boots, snowpants, mittens)
  • What do you like to do in the winter? (Snowmen, shovel, skate, sled)


DSC_0001 (2)

Our felt board this week: 5 Little Snowmen Fingerplay and Building a Snowman

5 Little Snowmen

5 little snowmen standing in a row (hold up 5 fingers)
Each with a hat (pat head) and a big red bow (pull at neck like a bow tie)
Along came the sun (arms form big circle over head) and it shone all day (lean to the left)
And one of those snowmen melted away! (put down one finger)


If all the snowflakes were (child fills in the blank)

(example: chocolate covered cupcakes)

Oh what a snow that would be!

I’d go outside with my mouth opened wide

Ah ah ah ah- ah ah ah-ah ah ah

If all the snowflakes were ___________________

Oh what a snow that would be!

  • Expansion:  Coloring with markers / paint / paper tearing (or cutting):  create a winter scene on construction paper with ‘chocolate covered cupcakes’ falling from cloud

Watercolor invitation: I love using cookie sheets/jelly roll pans when we do art projects – speeds up cleanup!


Aedan’s snow: Ice Cream and Sprinkles!


  • Cut out and number snowflakes 1 – 20.  Hang from ceiling, tape to wall or keep on a table for child to play.  Take time to count everyday.
  • Expansion: get number flashcards and match numbers to snowflakes by laying snowflake on top of corresponding card.


  • Fake snow, cotton balls, winter/arctic animal toob
  • Fresh, clean snow, gloves, shovel, spray bottle with colored water, winter/arctic animal toob
  • Shaving cream, colored ice cubes in primary colors (child mixes to make secondary colors)

This was a very fun, highly anticipated sensory play day!  He had so much fun and I loved watching him explore the foam and ice 🙂  AND BONUS:  Our sensory bucket  got inadvertently scrubbed and cleaned out; sweet-smelling and shiny new for our next sensory play day!


Shaving cream, colored ice. and spray bottle with colored water!


He started out slowly…


… then REALLY dug in!


“Look at all the colors mommy!”


Definitely not for the faint of heart. This is messy sensory at it’s finest!

  • Sensory bottle: water, oil, and chunky white glitter/confetti

Outside:  winter play, sledding, shoveling, skating, — hot cocoa snack

Bath Play: ICEBERG!

DSC_0011 (3)

They turned out pretty cool!

DSC_0006 (2)

A balancing penguin! He was working really hard at getting them to balance on the slippery icebergs!

***prep 24 hours in advance***

food coloring, water balloons, freezer, winter/arctic animal toob

DSC_0001 (3)

Frozen balloons right out of the freezer. I had them outside in the snow, but it’s been to warm for them to freeze all the way. TIP: put them in a bowl or cookie sheet with sides so if they leak there isn’t a mess in your freezer!!!

  • Freeze Water balloons filled with colored water (add a couple drops of food coloring before filling with water). Flatten some in the freezer so they can float with a flat surface for animals to sit on in bath
DSC_0004 (2)

Penguins and Icebergs!

  •  Break open balloons and float in tub – add winter/arctic animal toob
DSC_0026 (3)

The face says it all – he had so much fun and has been requesting iceberg baths every evening!

DSC_0012 (3)

Mmm this iceberg is yummy

DSC_0025 (2)

A National Geographic lesson with penguins and an orca

Creative Play/Art:

Snow Play-Doh

                   Play Doh: 1/4c salt 1c flour 1/4c water

                   White glitter, winter theme cookie cutters

                   (mix and knead with your child – part of the fun!)

Construction paper snowman

DSC_0015 (2)

Aedan put this snowman together all by himself with zero help or instructions from me… he’s 2 people! Wow, I was impressed! I sat back and watched my amazing little guy busy at work!

          -blue construction paper, snowman shapes/accessories cut  from construction paper, glue, paintbrush

          -Cut out all pieces of a snowman, with your child build the snowman on the paper

          – when done, allow child to build it again on their own, gluing this time


So focused on ‘painting’ the glue and placing the pieces!

DSC_0012 (2)

  • Snow Paintings

Prepping our snow paint!


Let the fun begin!

                   Blue construction paper, brush, snow paint

                   SNOW PAINT: 2T white paint, 1/3c glue, 2c shaving cream

                             Mix glue and paint, fold in shaving cream

  • Stained Glass Snowflakes
DSC_0026 (2)

Finished product! They look great! Daddy took one to work 🙂

                   -Black construction paper, scissors, contact paper, blue  and white tissue paper

                   -Cut out outline of snowflake, place on contact paper and trim contact paper, allow child to tear and crumple tissue paper  and stick to contact paper, use another piece of contact paper to sandwich snowflake, trim, and place in window


Fold the paper in half to make a symmetrical snowflake


Ripping tissue paper and placing on the sticky contact paper

  • Epsom Salt Craft Stick Snowflakes

–        craft sticks, glue, paint brush Epsom salt, food coloring(optional),

–        prep: dye Epsom salt (blue?) ahead of time and allow to dry

–        morning: arrange and glue craft sticks to make the shape of a snowflake, allow to dry

–        afternoon: paint snowflake with glue and sprinkle with Epsom salt, allow to dry, secure using fishing line/yarn display in window using suction cup



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