2013 Handprint Calendar


Believe it or not, tomorrow is January 1st of a brand new year which means a NEW CALENDAR.  I don’t know about you, but I’m over the fuzzy baby animals.  SO for the better part of a week in early December we worked on handprint and footprint pictures to use in our 2013 calendar.  We gave them to my husband, Steve, for his office and to my parents for Christmas (and of course one for our fridge).

After we made the pictures I scanned them and saved them on a CD at CVS.  Then I loaded the pics of the pics (lol) onto my computer at home and uploaded them into a calendar template using Shutterfly (a photo/card etc webservice – google it).  Shutterfly had the best deal at the time, but there are other sites to use.   TIP:  google search for coupons for these places to use when you check out – I saved an additional $15 !  I mixed in pictures of the kids on the calendar pages too 🙂  It turned out so cute!

These pictures are what we did, but be creative and come up with some on your own!   There is no right or wrong.  If you have older children have them draw/paint pictures instead of doing the hand/foot prints!

2012-11-28 10.16.25

JANUARY – Aedan and Audrey footprint penguins, fingerprint snow

2012-11-28 10.15.31

FEBRUARY – Aedan and Audrey footprint snowmen, fingerprint snow

2012-11-28 10.14.43

MARCH – Aedan handprint leprechaun and palmprint pot o’ gold

2012-11-28 10.13.54

APRIL – Aedan handprint umbrella, fingerprint rain, and footprint duckling, Audrey footprint baby swan

2012-11-28 10.13.02

MAY – Aedan handprint flowers and fingerprint caterpillars, Audrey footprint bees

2012-11-28 10.11.16

JUNE – Aedan and Audrey footprint butterflies

2012-11-28 10.12.10

JULY – Aedan footprint seagull and handprint crab

2012-11-28 10.10.24

AUGUST – Aedan handprint fish, fingerprint weeds and bubbles, Audrey footprint guppies

2012-11-28 10.09.33

SEPTEMBER – Aedan handprint and footprint peacock

2012-11-28 10.05.41

OCTOBER – Aedan and Audrey footprint ghosts

2012-11-28 10.08.40

NOVEMBER – Aedan handprint turkeys, Audrey footprint Native American and Pilgrim

2012-11-28 10.06.37

DECEMBER – Aedan handprint reindeer and fingerprint snow, Audrey footprint Christmas Tree






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