Santa Handprint Ornaments


We have started a tradition since Aedan was 6 months to do a handmade ornament for Grandparents’ and our Christmas tree every year.  This year Aedan is able to more actively participate and will be making clay baking soda ornaments which I will post after they are finished, but sweet pea Audrey helped mommy make these today.


What you will need:

  • Flesh tone colored paint (I used acrylic)
  • Red paint (I had leftover puff/fabric paint so I just used that)
  • White Crayola Model Magic (I LOVE this stuff!)
  • Red and black sharpies
  • Paint brush
  • Ribbon (I use white curling ribbon)

Kneed the model magic to an even consistency (no bubbles), roll into a ball, and squish down into a pancake shape that is wide enough to fit your child’s hand.   Press your child’s hand into the clay.  Make sure to press down on each finger to get a good imprint (but not to worry, you can re-do as many times as needed to get it right) and make a hole for ribbon to hang on your tree.  Allow to thoroughly dry (a day or so).  I started with the black sharpie outlining – beard and mustache -, then flesh paint, red paint, red marker outlines the tip of the thumb where the white ball at the tip of the santa hat is, allow to dry, facial features.  Ta -da!



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