Kid Created Snowflake Christmas Cards!


We are sending out a family Christmas card this year which was very exciting and interesting for Aedan.  He wanted to help by drawing all over our faces on the card… which I wasn’t too thrilled about.. SO yesterday Aedan made his own Christmas cards to send out.


We used:

  • 3 pipe cleaners
  • tempera paint (white, blue and purple)
  • blue construction paper

Take all 3 pipe cleaners and bend together in half.  Twist them down from the bend to the loose ends until you are about 1/2 -1 in from the bottom (depending on how big you want the snowflakes).  Bend the ends out 90 degrees and spread apart to create your snowflake.  We used mostly white paint, but Aedan wanted to add some color so I mixed a little blue and purple on our paint palette.  I cut the construction paper in half and plan on folding them to make a card once they’re dry.  Use the snowflake pipe cleaners as a stamp on your paper. You may have to fix the snowflake now and then especially if you have an over-zealous stamper 🙂



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