To start, I have never pushed anything on my son.  We didn’t buy him cars, trucks, trains, and dinosaurs because it’s what we wanted him to play with – in fact if I did that I would have gotten whatever the opposite of all that is. lol (not my thing)  His intense curiosity and interest in the world of things that go and extinct reptiles is all his own.  For Halloween this year it was a tossup between a dinosaur and Thomas the Train costume – I’m secretly thankful he chose dinosaur.  I encourage him to expand his interests, but when I can I try to incorporate the things he really likes into themes to get him excited.

So for the past week our theme was Dinosaurs.  We went to JoAnn where I know they have a large variety of Safari Ltd. Toobs which are mini animals/ppl/insects/etc packaged in a tube.  I used my 40% off coupon, but originally they are $8.99/ea.  They have ‘Dinos,’ ‘Baby Dinos,’ ‘Herbivore Dinos,’ and ‘Carnivore Dinos.’  I bought the ‘Dinos’ one since it had both herbivores and carnivores.  They really are a good deal as long as you incorporate them in as many activities as possible.

  • Dinosaur discussion.  What did the dinosaurs eat?  We talked about meat eaters vs plant eaters then sorted the mini dinosaurs into meat eating and plant eating piles.


  • Dinosaur Tracks!  We experimented with the different types of dinosaurs and made impressions into our play doh.


  • Dinosaur Fossils!  Using gray Crayola Model Magic we made tracks and  impressions of our dinosaurs and set them aside to dry.


  • Paleontologist!  (Dinosaur dig)  Using our sensory bucket, we filled it with colored rice, added our dry  ‘dino fossils’  and mini dinosaurs.  Aedan dug around and uncovered them using a basting brush and sandbox shovel.


  • VOLACANO!  Definitely the hit of the day – we made brown play-doh to cover the outside of our cups to create a more realistic appearance.  He had so much fun and wanted to do it again and again (we went through a whole bottle of vinegar!  What you will need: 
  1. A cup or bottle (optional: play doh to cover the outside)
  2. pyrex dish or cookie sheet (with sides) for your experiment to take place
  3. Warm water
  4. Dish soap
  5. Baking Soda
  6. Vinegar
  7. Red food coloring

Cover the outside of your glass/bottle with play doh and place inside the pyrex dish/cookie sheet.  Fill the glass/bottle most of the way with warm water.  Add a squirt of dish soap (this makes the lava bubbly).  Add a couple tablespoons of baking soda.  In a measuring cup, pour the vinegar and a couple drops of red food coloring.  When you’re ready for the eruption, pour a few tablespoons of your red vinegar into your volcano and sit back and watch!  Recharge your volcano with baking soda to experiment again.


  • Art!  D is for Dinosaur.  Handprint dinosaur.  Free painting.  Paper plate stegosaurus.  (sorry I forgot to take pics!)
  • Books!


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